Stories about a life

The cycle «Prose from a life» is not finished yet. For me, thanks God, for you. Continuation, as they say, follows. For now I suggest to read that is already written: read, learn in characters of, acquaintances, another's. Only, keep in mind: «all heroes grows out of art fiction. Any coincidence is casual». Pleasant peeping at a keyhole, the Lord!

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Prose from the Life

Cycle of stories about the Life

Annushka (5 pages) to unpack

Job (9 pages) to unpack

Dream (21 page) to unpack

The underground (9 pages) to unpack

Dray (9 pages) to unpack

Fury (8 pages) to unpack

About itself (5 pages)

The inoculation with jealousy (9 pages) to unpack

Prose from a life (17 pages)

The apartment (8 pages) to unpack

© Mashkova Irina Vladimirovna, 2007

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