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The cycle «Prose from a life» is not finished yet. For me, thanks God, for you. Continuation, as they say, follows. For now I suggest to read that is already written: read, learn in characters of, acquaintances, another's. Only, keep in mind: «all heroes grows out of art fiction. Any coincidence is casual». Pleasant peeping at a keyhole, the Lord!

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TH I like Berdsleja.

-Obri Berdslej? Devil take it, a remarkable choice. But it not seems to you, what it is unduly sexual?

JUlja has already a little accustomed to a society of this low moustached fat man and has started to forget about the initial fears. Anyway, it has come on the interview first in the life with the potential employer. And who knows, what questions can be set to candidates on a post «the expert on art». In any case, she has decided not to pay attention to frank attacks tolstjachka and to answer, as it is necessary, whenever possible in the same spirit. 

It-is understood, it is sexual. – JUlja hardly poperhnulas on this word.-Only here about excessive", I am afraid, you are not right. True art therefore is art, that it is defined by a measure. And sexuality. – she on a second has become silent, — At Berdsleja it not is unattractive-bared, and decorated in the weight of touching details and situations.

-Know, JUlechka, I like a course of your thoughts. – Victor Vasilevich has leant back in the armchair and, having blinked the eyes, examined the girl. — you did not try to be engaged in the fine arts seriously?

-Painting? – JUlja has smiled. – just now I also try to make it. But you understand, to find really creative and well paid job improbably difficult.

-Well, let us assume, to us you have addressed to the address. – Victor Vasilevich only took now the resume in hands JUlino and, having removed points, has plunged into reading. JUlja politely was silent and patiently waited, when it will finish.

Actually, there was especially nothing to find there. In parallel with general educational JUlja has left art school. Then, choosing institute, has understood, that without a special regret can leave both physics, and with chemistry, and with mathematics with which it, by the way, excellent consulted, and here to leave painting five years have passed practically in a pleasure condition – JUlja was engaged in liked business, with ecstasy vanished in museums and libraries, tons absorbing books about art. It was young, good herself and who had no lack of admirers, which in eager rivalry invited it on an exhibition, who at cinema who in cafe would be above its forces. And it began to prepare for receipt in Culture Institute, on faculty of the Fine arts. Entrance examinations has handed over easily enough. But study remained behind. Parents who absolutely voluntary contained its all five years of Institute, suddenly have sharply grown old. Mum has retired on a state of health, the daddy in connection with approach any there mythical «critical age» have translated from a supervising post on absolutely ordinary. He tried was to be offended and leave, but mum has stopped it – became material to a family hard. JUlja understood, that its turn has come.

It is impossible to tell, that it had a serious talent, but she wrote quite tolerably. It managed landscapes – more all filled with gloomy colour, night scenes from a city life – in which people whether seemed shades, whether merged with them. Few times she tried to attach the jobs "agents" on the recommendation of acquaintances, but secondhand dealers and to hear wanted nothing about its "botched work". «The darling, — they spoke to it, — well at you that a picture – that universal melancholy. Simply congenital loneliness. People not begin to buy you. It and in a life were already bothered with these refractions of a gloom through black-grey-brown. You to us give juicy still-lifes for a dining room, family portraits for a drawing room, solar landscapes for a hall and a sensuality for a bedroom. That's all. Any knowledge. Go. Work.» And JUlja left with what, carrying away the canvases. Of serious salons there was nothing and to dream – them hourly and without results besieged crowds of the same young talents as it – Moscow, the visitors, all colours and colours. To leave with the pictures on Arbat or in underground transitions as its some classmates have made already, JUlja could not. Whether education stirred, whether simply not on it there was this street life. And she did not believe in success – the street too existed under the laws and accepted far not everyone. 

It has tried was to address in some magazines and publishing houses, having offered the services of the illustrator. All demanded a portfolio of jobs. By all means by mail. By all means with a return address. JUlja dispatched. The answer did not come. With the same success it was possible sgresti everything, that is turned out by years and to throw in the garbage container at an entrance. The difference consisted only that in the latter case fuss would be less.

Victor Vasilevich has come off, at last, from reading and has again looked on JUlju.

- It turns out, you have finished Institute in ninety seventh. And already more than a year anywhere do not work. So?

- Not soveem. – JUlja always painfully reacted to the formulation «anywhere do not work», but in this case to altercate it be no point. – I wrote. But, as well as the majority of my colleagues, has not achieved in this field of due success.

- That-and-ak? – Victor Vasilevich as if brought it to the necessary thought.

- Therefore has decided to find stabler job. But – and it is very important – it by all means should concern painting. What I do not understand so well, and no other subject so me interests as the fine arts.

- And you the persevering girl. – Victor Vasilevich has smiled and even enough poter hands. – I bet, that you had to face exclusively vacancies like «the inspector of a museum», "storekeeper" — and for three copecks – well and at the best, the seller-adviser of any antiquarian salon. 

- Well, as to you to tell. – JUlja was confused insights of the interlocutor. Really, last six months of assiduous search of job have crowned only in pair-three such offers.

- Yes in any way do not speak.

Victor Vasilevich has become silent. JUlja waited.

Their silence lasted long enough, and JUlja has again started to be nervous. This offer has fallen down it as a god-send – the director of small personnel agency in which she has brought the resume about two months ago has called, and has told, that it had simply excellent offer. «For you» he has added "approach". JUlja has come tearing along instantly. The agency was on Taganke – on last floor any unimaginably started, by miracle escaped in a primordial form since Soviet times of office building. Tiny lifts, shabby linoleum in corridors, krashenye walls – that's all furniture.

- Julia Andreevna Sokolova? – The director has half-risen because of the tiny table filled up with stuff and has stretched JUle a hand. – Have a seat.

Minutes twenty it specified at JUli details of its education, family circumstances and other, in his opinion, important points. In exchange for frankness JUlja has received phone of the head enough large, according to the director of agency, the company called «Арт-XIX-Холдинг» and the address with the detailed description of how there to reach.

- He/she is our constant client, — the director has specified. – it is necessary to tell, inexpressibly generous person – such already is not present. – he has pensively stretched and has again shaken JUle a hand. Already at parting.

- Well, good luck! Very much I hope, you will approach them.

JUlja too hoped. Only here did not know, on what to emphasise in conversation, how to give itself – on all its inquiries the director of agency could inform only, that the expert on art, the salary high plus percent »is required to them«. And nachet official duties, functions and other has not mentioned a word. It was visible, that he and itself not very much understands, that to what. Well, have given it criteria for selection, well, have described requirements to the candidate. On it all. JUlja has tried to find for the company with the dissonant name «Арт-XIX-Холдинг» on the Internet, but it is vain. Has as a result decided not to miss all the same the chance given by destiny, and on interview to operate on circumstances.

Victor Vasilevich has regained consciousness from the reflexions.

- JUlechka, — it has begun not too confidently – there is one question which to us is necessary for discussing with you. Only here I do not know, as well as with what to us to begin.

JUlja in general waited for the similar introduction. And though she still never had to face similar circumstances, she heard from familiar little girls, that in addition the chief is usually applied on decent job both the quite good salary also. And the truth – who begins to pay presently worthy money to the expert with a zero operational experience, not having made it in a duty something such such. JUlja has decided to behave in an adult way and into a hysterics not to run. In any case to leave it from here will leave. And further – to solve only to it.

- Victor Vasilevich, – JUlja the beginnings, then has for a short while become silent – generally I absolutely adult person and all I understand. You can speak, as is.  

- Yes I see, that you not the child. It pleases me. Only it is possible at first a question – I have correctly understood, what you do not have still own family and you live with parents?

- Yes.

- And how they will look what at you will be nenormirovannyj the working day? They people of very strict rules?

- About it it is not necessary to worry. I fine know, how all who earns though a little decent money work. What here «normirovannyj day». And my parents too are not torn off from a reality, thanks God.

- Well. But it not all. – Victor Vasilevich has again become silent. Has removed points and long rubbed nose bridge as if at it the cone there has jumped or there was a bruise.

JUlja has decided not to stretch this conversation indefinitely and has firmly told.

- Victor Vasilevich, I understand you. I do not know, whether precisely I will be expressed, but, possibly, you wish to tell, that between the chief and the subordinate should develop very much and very confidential relations. And it not probably to reach without close, well in sense, absolutely close affinity. After all so? – JUlja has blurted out all it on one spirit and has then reddened to tips of ears. It sat red as a tomato and abused itself last words for impudence and desire to seem "all-understanding" and adult. Who for language pulled it? The person, can, and close did not think of similar nasty things. And it took and has given out all this bosh, not having been in time at all to think, that to what. What he about it will think now? That it – the spoilt person deprived any moral principles.

no, I not mean it. – Victor Vasilevich delano has looked down. JUlja has reddened even more. – us another interests. – it has made a significant pause. — could, you, for example, to become someone like the art critic and the agent on sales simultaneously? I assure you, this rather fascinating employment. It is necessary to expand a little, of course, the knowledge, but after all that'll come. We basically are engaged in the European art of the end of the last century. I see, you the girl clever and is thin the feeling. Besides – education. Just that is necessary for us. It seemed to me, in the theory you rather and are rather strong. And your ability beautifully and correctly state the thoughts will very opportunely. At you good Russian, it is possible to compose small speeches on a theme of delights of this or that work of art.

- Yes, but I not absolutely understand …

- Wait, it is not necessary to hurry. I explain all to you as is. The devoted employee — the young lady – for job in the closed art salon is necessary to us . Our company, besides other, is engaged in that extracts rare, sometimes, as it seems to much, irrevocably lost, masterpieces. We do not offer their general public not to spend time in vain. Ourselves choose the client, considering a circle of its interests, its financial possibilities. And your problem will consist in that the buyer found us was convinced of correctness of the choice made him, certainly. Also has got the cloth intended to it. I see, you the girl clever. Also I understand, that you not only can correctly show a picture, but also competently tell about it, interestingly state its history. At us errors cannot be – in struggle all means are good. Well, I hope, you understand. Try to gain the person, to inspire it trust, to invite to a supper, if to be necessary, and even to fall in love with it – yes-yes, with all pleasures which have stuck to a case. I have understood – you the girl adult, clever and similar nuances cannot confuse you. You the darling, gentle, simply beauty – it is assured, any "persuade" as us and did not dream.

JUlja sat, absolutely having grown dumb. Everything, that spoke this moustached kolobok, did not keep within at all at it in a head. Especially, after it has felt a shame attack that "has understood" its unexpressed thoughts. Any attention that JUlja has fallen asleep on the chair with the eyes approximated for horror, Victor Vasilevich did not turn.

- The salary at us good. – an unctuous voice it continued. – one thousand dollars monthly in itself, plus of one percent from each successful transaction. About average cost of a cloth I will not speak – I believe, guess. Here also count.

JUlja has risen and was going to leave.

- Thanks. – absolutely empty voice she has told. – I have understood you. But I do not think …

Victor Vasilevich has interrupted her.

- It is not necessary. It is not necessary to solve immediately. Both you, and we – all should think. Thanks for visit. – it has quickly risen from the armchair and has submitted JUle a coat. Has then returned to a table, has got from silver vizitnitsy the card and has stretched it JUle.

- Here. When solve – I wait for a call.

JUlja, not looking, has put cut-away to a pocket of a coat and, hardly having uttered indistinctly «Thanks. All kind.», has opened a door.

- Good luck. – Victor Vasilevich has shouted to it following. – also keep in mind – you very much would approach us.

Leaving an office, JUlja has faced the young man who rushed somewhere like mad. Despite haste, it has stopped, has greeted and has attentively inspected it from feet to a head.

- Hello. – JUlja has gone further, being confused in infinite textures of corridors of office "Арт-XIX-Холдинг".

The young man has flown in Victor Vasilevicha's office without knock.

- Greetings, Vasilich! Well, how are you getting on? It who was – the newcomer?

- Sergey, yes do not flicker you. While it is difficult to tell – can, and the newcomer. Have a seat. You tell is better, what there at us in an industrial part?

- Like as moves. Even a month – another also can be imported solemnly into Moscow at once some cloths. I can not tell more precisely – itself you understand. All foreign part: examination, registrations, inquiries, as always, I incur. Only you look do not forget about "representation" expenses. There without a decent bribe not one pig from svogo a chair will not tear off a bum. And here customs, the Moscow examination itself organise. With local bureaucrats at me, itself you know, what affairs. Remember still. And what at us with extraction of originals? There is something?

- Serezh, you in the business be engaged, good? – Victor Vasilevich has frowned — It is not necessary to know at once all and much. You have a direction – here you it and develop.

Sergey was inflated, but to mind has not dared.

- Good, as you want. Tell to the secretary that though to tea of the hot has brought. And that the wind in the street – terrible while of the car got out to freeze was in time.

- That you gentle what, Sergunja.

Victor Vasilevich has pressed the button of loud communication and has asked two teas.

- You give to me tell more in detail, that is concrete at you there grows ripe. I think, it is time to look for already potential buyers.

- Yes I will tell, where I will get to. Listen, and at this newcomer education what? It though from Delacroix will distinguish Degas?

- Serezh, well that you such curious today, and? With education – it is normal. That is necessary. Theoretical preparation top-level. All zarubezhnikov studied on illustrations in special editions and under descriptions of researchers and critics. So not only will distinguish, but also will think, that sells the original.

- A-a-a. Well, good. Listen that there at us.

And Serega it was started up in the detailed story about one it known details and difficulties of a birth of the true lost masterpieces.

JUlja left on street, hardly having shifted the heavy entrance door fitted by a skin. In the street swept in everything, and to the underground still it was necessary to drive some stops. JUlja has looked back – a huge building which it just left, it has been constructed in style of rich private residences of the nineteenth century. Only it is built from absolutely modern white brick. The huge territory of a private residence was surrounded with the high iron fence weaved by a surprising pattern from steel rods. On a footpath from entrance to a street door the security guard who has shrivelled from a cold in a green jacket strolled.

JUlja left gate already absolutely prodrogshaja in the autumn coat. She has thought was to catch the car to the underground, but, having rummaged in pockets, has understood, that it is necessary to stamp on foot. Home to it to go it would not be desirable. And, having touched in a head all possible variants, she has decided to glance to Tanke on job. First, it is possible to talk to it absolutely frankly, secondly, Tanja never to anybody superfluous will tell, and thirdly, it the girl clever and, can, will advise how further to live. JUlja has reached the underground and with huge simplification has gone down downwards on the escalator. Everything, that remains above it seemed to it now absolutely not real. In a head there was only a roar, rushing very much, electric trains, and before eyes — habitually indifferent persons of passengers.

Tanka, as always, span on the workplace as ugorelaja – that the tube of phones rose towards to visitors searched for something under their request in thick registers sufficed.

- Tan, greetings! – JUlja has stolen up to a rack resepshena as could imperceptibly not to involve attention of the people who are scurrying about around. – You as, will make a break on a coffee cup?

- JUlka! Greetings! You whence undertook? – Tanja has clamped a hand phone tube on which spoke. – you go to our cafeteria, I am fast. Road still you remember?

I-remember. Then I there wait for you.

To wait it was necessary half an hour, it is not less. Tanja has appeared, looking around as the deserter who has run away from a battlefield.

- JUl, at me ten minutes – I have asked to sit the colleague for me, but it long will not sustain. Give, spread, that you were suddenly brought to me in the middle of white day.

- Yes. It was brought. And history, I will tell to you, at all for «white day». Simply any more with whom to share. You my unique and wisest girlfriend.

- JUl, yes will suffice you beside the point. Two minutes has already passed. Speak – than to you to help?

- You know, I vlipla in vile history. More precisely, not vlipla, but I stand on the brink … To me today job have offered. I already even on interview have had time to go. This business "expert" though I would name more exact word – "prostitute" is called.

- Listen, give ive more in detail. And that I know yours «exact definitions». What for the company? That want? 

- Company "Арт-XIX-Холдинг", are engaged in resale of works of art. How much I have understood, mainly painting. The employee is necessary to them: something like the adviser-seller in the closed salon. At what for success of the enterprise this employee should, besides other, be engaged konsumatsiej – time, to sleep with clients – two. That is – everything, everything if only their precious cloths were on sale.

- Something I do not see special sense in such multifunctionality. And what – if the woman will be the buyer? Or at us already absolutely all has mixed up.

- Tan, yes I do not know. There the main thing – is beautiful to present a picture, competently to present it, and all the rest – only if necessary. Perhaps women by definition are easier conducted on purchases and «all the rest» does not come. And can, they for them hold boys. – JUlja has silly giggled, but at once has thought suddenly, and has again made a serious face. — in general, I do not know. I do not know!

- So. We will be consecutive. And how much offer?

- Well, one thousand dollars a month as the constant salary – all the rest – percent from the transaction.

- And what for percent?

- I think, taking into account the prices in the market percent from each successful sale are two — five thousand dollars. 

- How much?! – Tanka has not fallen down nearly from a chair.

- Well, it if I have correctly understood in what they there are engaged. Has-confusedly murmured JUlja. — the European artists, the nineteenth century end. Probably, buy up abroad in private collections and somehow there forward to Russia, for our precious new Russian.

- Listen. – Tanja somehow has badly become silent and nasupila eyebrows.

- JUl, you me excuse, I understand, that you not so are brought up and so on. But I on your place would try. And on the too would try – such possibility, it only time in a life can be given. Well, as a last resort, will reach there with somebody bed. But for the sake of such money it is possible and to suffer. And can, will not reach. Perhaps you and so will absolutely remarkably consult. And can, you will meet with any decent bogatenkim Buratino. Perhaps in marriage you will leave, eventually!

- Tan, well you as got – can, can, can. And can and NOT! Only here time having plunged into such dung gets out can nobody! Same prostitution, let and veiled by everything. But prostitution!

- Listen, expensive. That you as got – prostitution, prostitution. That you have become attached to this word, whence it only has got out. JUlechka, yes everywhere it is not better. And I – not prostitution? All the day I turn as fiber in a wheel: podi there, bring it, rise so, sit down edak, tell that. I do not belong to myself. And all pleasure – for four hundred dollars a month. And at me the husband, the child all of us also live together with his parents in two-room krohotule, and even if we will spend only its salary, and mine to postpone entirely – to us nine years should own be saved for apartment! And more any guarantee, that in our country all will be as is. That is I, for example, and will happily live and long in apartment of the mother-in-law and I will die from it in one day. JUlka, the silly woman you! – Tanja, at last, has taken breath. Is your chance. And for me it would be chance, only here anybody has not offered such job to me. And I line do not understand art, and that would run itself in your office and have told: «do not take this girl innocent, take better than me». Yes you the clever maid – you can. Well, will reach at you this most "konsumatsii" — whether it is a pity that! And further it is not necessary.

- Good, Tanja. Thanks that has listened. – JUlja has risen because of a little table. – we will go, I to your workplace take you and I will go already. To me still a devil's still-life by request of the mum's girlfriend to add.

JUlja has again come to be in the street. The wind, appear, only has amplified. Small and improbably caustic grains flied to the person. Cheeks burnt so as if they were pierced every second with sharp Lilliputian arrows. JUlja has recollected, that has forgotten to switch on a mobile phone after interview. It has stopped and has pressed the button "inclusion". Suddenly it simply to death wanted a cigarette though she did not smoke a year absolutely two. And before only plaid about – so, on parties, for the company with girlfriends. It has approached to a booth, soskrebla in a pocket the trifle and has bought pair of piece cigarettes. Has asked for passing by nice young man a lighter. The fellow long suffered, giving to it to light – as they tried to close fire palms, the flame instantly faded on a wind. But the young man has appeared persevering and JUlja, at last, has lighted up a cigarette. They have lovely smiled each other for mutually given pleasure, and JUle from its smile for an instant even polegchalo – it is pleasant, when there are simply polite, simply pleasant people. Even when simply meet.

JUlja smoked, standing at Tankinogo office on Tver. To be warmed, she has put the left hand in a pocket and has found out there cut-away, vsunutuju to it Victor Vasilevichem. It has got a firm paper rectangle. «Sumin Victor Vasilevich, the Sales manager"Art holding". Phone, a fax, e-mail, even number of the mobile is attributed by a dark blue ball pen. JUlja has bitterly grinned and, taking cut-away between two fingers as a cigarette, wished to throw it in an urn in which shook ashes. The mobile has suddenly rung out. JUlja in a hurry, having got confused in own fingers, has shaken in an urn a stub and has got from a bag phone. Mum called.

- Yes, mamul!

- JUlja, JUlja I cannot already phone two hours to you. – the voice at it was frightened, tear-stained and hasty. – the daddy directly from job have taken away in hospital. A heart attack.

- What?! – JUlja outright was frightened. Tears somehow in itself suddenly large drops have hung in corners of eyes. – where it? Speak faster. I go!

- In our, regional. In intensive therapy. – mum already in all roared in a tube and could not speak more.

- The mummy, I with you, — shouted JUlja – you only do not cry. Wait. Simply wait, I already go.

Mum was disconnected. JUlja shivering hands has put in a bag phone and together with it cut-away.

She ran to the underground, parting forcibly passers-by. Frosty air with grains of sharp snow rushed through convulsively opened mouth and painfully burnt the excited throat from within. 

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08.05.2007 17:44

09.05.2007 21:30 it is perfect, but somehow nezakoncheno it

23.05.2007 17:01 "JUlja shivering hands has put in a bag phone and together with it cut-away." - at me has directly got. What passions.

The girl, you need to write not stories, and soap operas. Here just on two standard series.

23.05.2007 18:43 In the answer Pegas. Me Diana call and concerning "girl" you have obviously got excited:). All wishes I will consider:))!
Diana Mashkov

18.06.2007 10:27 Love, is not present the second part. The subject line, agrees, torn sharply off. nezakoncheno. But an essence in that the decision for the heroine was accepted by the reader. Cannot be, that you for yourselves have not defined, how it will arrive. And as you would arrive on its place.
Diana Mashkov

25.06.2007 13:32 it was pleasant. But somehow without the plot termination...

09.08.2007 08:41 the description of a bad weather repeating a condition of the heroine Very was pleasant; the Ending clear and, to tell the truth, it is made in the necessary place. If the story has been continued further I am afraid, that something reminding the novel of Ekaterina Vilmont would turn out.

14.08.2007 12:23 Continuation follows?...
There is in the story some neokonchennost!

16.08.2007 16:31 Ochchchen it would be desirable to read up up to the end!!! Madly it would be desirable continuation! Consider... I ask))))

17.08.2007 10:00 It seems, all the same it is necessary to write under numerous requests and that was further. I will try. By November wait result.
Diana Mashkov

17.08.2007 18:59 And it is possible not to write continuation, and? Otherwise vydet absolutely banal "mnogoserijka"... Just prikvil to write remains...

29.02.2008 10:07 To not old time, it seemed to me, that I can write. But here the ill luck how was interesting zadumka how the beginning was beautiful, I could not find a correct outcome in any way, the ending in any way was not given to me. At last I have realised, the talent and a phenomenon of a trade of the writing person consists in it probably and. And that that it is possible to take and tear off simply a narration, giving out this reception for an author's course, me and in a head did not come. Strange however:))

© Mashkova Irina Vladimirovna, 2007

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