Stories about death

It happened to everyone to wake up among night from the nightmare born by Death. Everyone is afraid to face Death of an eye in eyes. It is not groundless. Death phantoms are live. They - generations of our conscience, our fear, our dreams. Ourselves produce them and we multiply … and then we try to run. To what? It is necessary to learn to live with thought on Death - it has hidden in each of us.

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The dead person

Hell stupidly looked in the TV screen. Has come after job, has switched on – thought quickly to be run on channels, can, that interesting – yes and has got stuck. The panel helplessly and faithfully laid nearby. A hell it did not notice. Has rested against the one and only channel. At first any serial. Moronic to rezi in a shower. Then reality show. Degenerate outside and inside. In intervals advertising. Not better. Two hours of a precious life it is easy, one pressing of the button, have appeared are squeezed out for life frameworks. A hell has felt itself as the addict. Spitefully thought of poverty of those who it does and, the more, looks. Also continued, having grown dull to the core to assimilate to them. Has covered with a depressive wave.

Time of news has come. A hell still sat. Occasionally, not coming off the screen, gave orders to the child «combine a portfolio», «clean a teeth», "go to bed". The son was picked in itself – again, probably, has gorged on for a paste smell, and a brush even in hands did not take. It would be desirable to shout.

The screen, after demonstration of two smoothed persons of leading telenews, suddenly zapolyhal fire. Showed to weights the tousled figures of firemen and the warped physiognomies of attendants of an order. A stretcher. Laying people. Blood. A hell listened – the consciousness with delay was reached by the comment to shots. Again explosion in the underground. There are victims. A hell has shuddered. A green branch.

Eyelid zadergalos. Has looked at hours. Also has understood, that so it and is – it is a high time. Has begun to tremble sharply and impetuously from a fever. Has seized a mobile phone, has dialled number of the husband. «The subscriber temporarily is not accessible or is out of a zone of access of a network». Has typed. Again. Again. Only thirty times. In parallel crept up all more close to the screen while has not flown nearly in it a head blazing by thoughts. The reporting still went. The chamber slid on victims. Stained with blood. Unconscious. To bodies. IT! Neither blood. Nor wounds. Pure, dressed in dark blue jeans and a checkered shirt a corpse. A hell ran a forehead into the screen. It is strange, that a kinescope has not broken.

In the TV dark blue phone numbers were lighted. Addresses of a mortuary and hospitals. A hell already got in vetrovku, pulled out from a flickering box an aerial cable, and jumped out for a door. The son laid in a bed, the grandmother read to it. 

She did not know, how has reached a mortuary. But when has reached, there was late night. It have let in. Have looked documents. Have asked something about heart. Have led downwards. Dead men laid numbers. For some reason in clothes. Though now it was absolutely not necessary to them. For a hell did not search, it was not declined over everyone. It also has confidently gone at once to a wall. To penultimate in the right number. Has looked and has informed the person behind the back «he/she is my husband». It laid – pale, beautiful. Without chervotochinki. Flawless. Only the dead. Strange, from what aperture vital forces – neither ruptures, nor wounds have flowed away suddenly. 

Hell filled papers. It was confused. Copied. Crumpled and again asked forms. To it gave out. Have sympathetically explained, that at the dead man it is not found documents, therefore procedure has become complicated. Was all the same. Also it would not be desirable to finish. Would write and corrected. Threw out in a bucket and wrote again. But it has consulted and has acquired not clear advantages the right – to take away a body home. To It even have given the car and any gloomy, similar on corroded a gloom of a shade, children.

The son slept. Mum – too. A hell supervised. A body have put in a drawing room on a sofa – that on which five hours back it sat and watched TV. It looked the stranger against a careful cosiness. Alien. A hell has switched off light. The person of the dead man is illusive grew white in the darkness, shined with the summer moon. It became terrible. It has again clicked the switch. The electric light has lighted up all to the smallest details. Making the way from the chin shaved in the morning a bristle, a birthmark about an ear, shades on cheeks from the stuck together eyelashes. «Tears were – has stupidly thought the Hell – means, not without a pain». It has approached to a sofa and has fallen nearby on a floor. Has approached the person, began to consider each tiny wrinkle, each time. It was not cried. Only the catalepsy has seized ice iron fingers by shoulders and did not release.

Hell so long and steadfastly considered the person of the late husband that has as a result ceased to learn it. Like – all the same. All smallest details on a place, but they create any other, unknown combination. As if mosaic elements took and have combined in other order – too real, too beautiful, but the friend. In ten minutes, eternity cooled heart from within, the Hell knew. IT NOT IT. It has brought another's body in the house. proshib cold sweat. A teeth has begun to knock. Ice drops have fallen from a forehead in its opened weak-willed palm. A hell has recoiled. In a keyhole the key jingle was distributed.

There was no sense to ask the husband where it was. No value had. Another was important – the huge man's body which has settled down in their drawing room. A hell has got to the husband on kitchen. Whisper has told. The husband on eyes of the beginnings faintly to turn green and has seized for heart. It has thumped in a wine-glass a large dose pustyrnika half-and-half with a valerian. «It is bad for a potentiality» – povorochala inappropriate thought. Also began to rescue.

He has agreed to enter into a drawing room only in two hours – already started to dawn. The dead person peacefully was based there where it have put. But the place was too improper. Mum and the son will wake up – it is impossible to frighten them. A hell with the husband together took the become heavy body and have moved it on a timber floor. Left badly. It is wrong to hold dead, even strangers, here so. The husband was lop-sided on a wide ironing table. A hell has understood. They have together lifted a body. The ironing table has scaredly begun to creak under impressive weight. Feet were not located. The husband was lop-sided on a balcony. A hell has negatively shaken a head. Both have glanced in a case. Have tried to attach it there standing. It is a go. even have closed doors – for fidelity on a key. But have reached only a bedroom – further a foot did not obey. Were turned in and refused to go. The fear has turned to horror. It was necessary to turn away, lose track of a body, and there and then it seemed, that it leaves now because of the nearest corner. It was necessary to come back and search for new reliable places.  

 Live coldly sweated. Dead changes has not undergone and has again taken a lawful place on a sofa. The husband, being unsteady from nerves and a physical exhaustion, has pulled to the Hell on kitchen. Have risen under a window leaf. Shivering hands have lighted. The house – mum and the son will soon wake up. It is necessary to clean. It is the most easier to bring back – to a mortuary. To apologise. To refuse. Was mistaken. To show a live copy. But the Hell as if in a chasm has failed – neither addresses, nor there recollects roads she could not. To surrender militias – and let search, where the lady to itself of the dead person has looked after. No. Will plant at least before finding-out of circumstances. And if will not find out, that too it is probable, – it is possible and to get stuck forever. It has been decided to hide. And to recollect a mortuary site.

Hell has dragged from a balcony a box, having released it from under an artificial New Year tree. At width the body has gone in. At length did not get. A hell did not breathe, trying to bend brawny feet in knees and to place thus inside. The husband turned pale. Reddened. Caustic drops from a drop forehead on a parquet. Left indistinct stains as from acid. It has moved, both shoulders at once, and has followed a saw. A hell has not had time to catch his hand.

Noise was not. Only a sickening wet gnash. Squelched. Flopped deafly. As in a bench of the butcher. A hell hardly had time to wipe up. Sweat slid hailstones. Hands shivered. Fingers strove to cut off themselves. Job proceeded. Pieces have taken places in a box so, that the place even remains. Still something to put. But, like, it was not necessary. A dense cardboard razmokal. Have wound in polyethylene. Have pushed for a case. Have gone to a bathroom — to wash. A hell wished to remain there – to be closed from within and to lay down, having curled up, on a warm floor. The husband has not given. Has deduced and, afflicted with fear, has led it in a drawing room.

The dead person, whole and safe, laid on a sofa. The husband has slipped on a wall. In a window the sun has scattered. In a nursery morning noise was heard. And the little son, joyful and Saturday, has jumped out in a drawing room. Has rushed, anticipating pleasure to a sofa, and has at one stroke climbed up to the dead person a stomach. He knew — to start to skip it is necessary, while the daddy, that is the horse, has not thought that to what. Also has not banished the cheerful horseman in sew up. The first movement the child has pressed an indifferent body into a sofa. The body has shuddered. Has moved. Eyelids have opened. «Daddies, and why at you blue eyes?» The kid has interestedly asked. A hell did not hear. It slipped on a wall near to motionless, already cooling down, the husband.  

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14.02.2007 18:12 OOOOOOOOCHen the unexpected termination...... Even a little bit "black humour". It was pleasant.
Cat the Scientist

15.02.2007 10:36 It something. The Outcome has completely unsettled :) smart reading matter :)

But, Diana, tell fairly - you smoke a grass, eat mushrooms or it is a banal schizophrenia?

Ale Markova

28.02.2007 15:09 I neznaju as the others, but I have not understood than vsetaki this history has ended vzja!!! That the phrase "It means slipped on a wall near to motionless, already cooling down, the husband."? In what sense the husband cooling down???

01.03.2007 09:18 it is perfectly written, a plot good... Here it also is the latent psychologism, i.e. experiences of the heroine reveal through indirect, as though from the party... I just about it wrote in a response on "Annushku". Thanks.

05.03.2007 17:15 To Tana.
Well already the husband at it here has cooled down. Unless it is not clear? Has grown cold... Happens.
The anonymous author

14.04.2007 23:22 yes... The end shocked me... Till now I can not depart

18.04.2007 13:39 Yes what horror, it is terrible to madness.........

18.04.2007 13:39 Yes what horror, it is terrible to madness.........

13.05.2007 19:19 And me it was not pleasant

15.05.2007 17:47 interesting enough imagination on a theme....

19.05.2007 20:33 in it chtoto is...

23.05.2007 02:41 I Like interesting people, at them smart products always turn out...

30.05.2007 14:23 As a whole anything but chegoto does not suffice.
It is more than details likely.

12.06.2007 13:41 Termination has resulted in istuplenie... Especially about the child.

08.08.2007 14:19 Well, explain to me, please, not ingenious, the termination and in what the outcome in general has never understood??????? Very much I ask!

13.08.2007 14:48 Dear Rina! An outcome that to this lady have changed the husband. She wanted it or not...
Diana Mashkov

29.08.2007 21:20 impresses...

26.09.2007 18:34 remained under impression... Strange but calls interest... What you has advised???
Edge on feelings

26.09.2007 22:28 I in delight from prochitanogo. Similar I did not read anything, the plot and an outcome has very much liked

29.09.2007 18:34 RE: the Edge on feelings. A dream. Real, perceived and terrible.
Diana Mashkov

19.11.2007 16:39 of Hm Th. Reminds King, or, more likely, night, erased of memory with arrival of morning, a nightmare: actions are replaced as in slide show. Nevertheless, it is interesting to learn an outcome. But animal fear the story does not call - all the same poorly details.

25.11.2007 00:25 plot davolno the interesting. An ending super. A way of a writing (I it name minimalism) otlichnyj:kratkost-sister of talent! Here only sense so deep, that I have not understood: the Hell-too has died? And who on the business was the present father? Diana Mashkov, answer please.

25.11.2007 19:59 Irishka, the Hell it is live, the child too - will recover from a shock and will forget all as a terrible dream. And here a paternity question rather and rather not the unequivocal. Did not notice, what a chronic dual personality - a harmonious condition of the majority of men :)?
Diana Mashkov

11.12.2007 18:09 Good evening. Has read some your stories. I am casual on them on the Internet have come across. Know, very much it was pleasant, bewitches.... Spread under more stories, please. I, by the way, itself try to write, but somehow time does not suffice (

21.01.2008 05:53 My daughter writes something similar, I do not wish to offend the author, otnjut.esli the author would read pair of verses, and ottsenil. I was very much blagodaen.esli not difficultly send e-mail. c respect for you

21.01.2008 21:24 And it is possible once again on russki without implied senses and hints objasnit: the Hell another's corpse home has dragged or not? The husband the truth helped it to saw a corpse or to it has seemed? When the child has jumped on a sofa, the corpse of his father or the stranger there laid? In the end husband Ady has died? superski all is written, but it would be desirable to understand all the same up to the end an outcome, and that the horror takes also a frost on a skin.

24.01.2008 10:40 Elcha, I answer, as asked - in Russian: 1.чужой, 2.правда, 3.чужой, 4.да. Also be not afraid are only the story:).
Diana Mashkov

© Mashkova Irina Vladimirovna, 2007

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