The review in magazine «your leisure»

In magazine "your leisure" the review of Diana Mashkovoj's book "Plus a minus love" is published:

"Female histories.« About, the woman, you the devil drink », — exclaimed the wise classic. Diana Mashkovoj's four stories tell about modern young ladies, passionate and gentle, capable to be a muse for the poet, but during the critical moment collected and purposeful. The life plays with them in prjatki, gives various surprises, but them not to break — these girls most strongly a hardship. At the author refined style and tireless imagination, its touching histories carry away, heroines submit, and the sensation of space where there is an action — whether it be hot Cyprus, thoughtful London, a snow-covered country house of rest or grey sad Moscow, — helps visually as in film, to see an event. The book is pleasant as women to whom it, basically, and is addressed, and to men, judges of good prose and researchers of female psychology."

© Mashkova Irina Vladimirovna, 2007

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