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It happened to everyone to wake up among night from the nightmare born by Death. Everyone is afraid to face Death of an eye in eyes. It is not groundless. Death phantoms are live. They - generations of our conscience, our fear, our dreams. Ourselves produce them and we multiply … and then we try to run. To what? It is necessary to learn to live with thought on Death - it has hidden in each of us.

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Fur-tree sphere

Stas and could not understand, how all could so to break off. Still one week ago at it was at least three variants of a meeting of New Year: with a family, that is with the brother, sister and parents in the house at the uncle, with friends on a summer residence – very warm and cheerful company, and together with Dashkoj at it promised to be going to. Certainly, he, not reflecting, has chosen last. As if she agreed to meet New Year with it alone, it could mean only one. At last, all will come true. 

About Dashke Stas dreamt so a long time, that could not tell precisely at all when it is all has begun. Whether in the childhood still while they together built improbable sand locks and forced unreasonable, month as born, kittens in them zalazit and to wander on labyrinths. Whether later, when they were going to all street at it on a site to play in table tennis. Joked and laughed, and Dasha sat silently, having closed by black hair, and waited for the turn to take a racket. And can, and more later – on the first course. They went to a campaign. It, then still the ninth-grader, was co-ordinated behind them. And once, while all sat at night at a fire, sang, played a guitar and drank the diluted river water spirit, Dashka has got to it into tent – he pretended to be, that was ill – and has made minet. Yes so it is unexpected and so it is sweet, that a roof has simply taken down.

The roof into place to come back did not hurry. Dashka – too. In sense did not hurry. Further pettings and the only thing mineta business is not has gone. Stas coiled as. Undertook all possible shifts to remain from it alone. Thought out difficult schemes and plans to entice it to itself while parents are not present the house. Got out, composed, created. To business there was all – both verses, and flowers, both prose. And oaths, both passions, and jealousy. Dasha after its inhuman efforts agreed to go with it, and each time Stasu seemed, that here it – here! But as soon as business reached bed – the ladylove started to run into hysterics and begged her not to touch. Stas came to despair. At heart it was the person deeply decent, even compassionate, and did not presume to take to itself the girl force. It was burnt down that with the infernal fire punishing for attempt at innocence, even more terrible fire of own passion in which it at full inactivity would burn down to tla. Therefore it continued to coil, contrive and create.

As a result all this leapfrog has led to that organism Stasa has not sustained. And own hands – in sense not absolutely them, but nevertheless – has facilitated Dashke a life. It was necessary Stasu to contrive and pull down from the beloved and from itself clothes as the root of a life which just here puffed up as the madman with intention to break off to devils dog trousers, ran into a melancholy. It is languid, decayed and it appeared on what not goden. At first Dasha looked at such whims with astonishment and by inertia continued to open. Has gradually understood, that it's in the bag and to it already to be ruined it is not necessary. The situation does not represent danger. And it, like as, even at anything. He cannot. And Stas has lost rest and a dream.

That only he has not re-read, in what only Internet bowels has not climbed. As soon as has not dodged to interrogate the senior companions and not to give out thus itself. It only so seems, that presently the child since a birth knows, that where why, what for and than it is all it is fraught. That is why the period of a growing and the beginning of a sexual life occurs imperceptibly and in itself. On the business everyone, as well as in old time, appears for the first time and alone with the opening. And if they also not pleasant put out the light, misters. It is necessary to help.

The help has appeared in time in time and in itself. Stas has paid attention on I Cook. More precisely, it on it has turned attention. Barbarian Stepanovna was the unique woman – the teacher on their exclusively man's, aviation, faculty. And – though stand, though fall – the teacher of physical culture. The people on employment instead of being tightened, for example, on a horizontal bar, inertly dangled on him with the bulged fly, and, slobbering, looked on Varvarochku Stepanovnu in an amazing sports suit. On the business, the suit was ordinary. But here delights, it is blasphemous in it hidden – simply shine. Why as a result Stasu such riches have got, anybody could not tell. Probably, on a life indeed – in one place has decreased, in other – has arrived.

Meanwhile, has arrived unusually. Varenka two days did not let out extraction from bed and, it is necessary to tell, for the beginner kept Stas "ogo th"! He not simply studied to take pleasure, it absorbed as a sponge and tried storitsej to give. As a result of such diligence the teacher almost tears poured, letting out from embraces of the student. But there's nothing to be done. The house is waited by the husband, two children, and friendly competitions to University of Nizhni Novgorod have come to an end. It is time to come back. And new Year on a nose.

Stas, inspired with the success and feeling inexpressible gratitude to Varenke, with new forces and a self-trust, undertook for Dashku. Has invited to meet New Year with his family. She has agreed. Then gradually, truths and nepravdami, otter a family. Dasha has not broken. Stas has grown bolder and was lost in day-dreams. Has bought condoms. Has chosen to itself in shop new linen. Has thought up a gift for Dashi and even has started to buy already products as suddenly Dasha was gone. Has not said goodbye, has not come, has not called. Stas day waited. Waited two. The thirtieth has called it home – has overcome itself though knew, that her parents on spirit do not transfer it. Mum with astonishment: «And you unless do not know? It with girlfriends has left. New year in Peter will meet.». «Where?!». «At me that – defects of speech? In St.-Petersburg.». «And how I?!». Have hanged up.

Mobile Dashi continued, as got, to answer same: «the given kind of communication is not accessible to the subscriber». On a summer residence to friends Stas has not gone – has had time to brag already, that at it other and exclusively romantic plans. To parents it would not be desirable to be beaten too – questions zamuchajut: «you of that such pale?», «why such gloomy?», «that you screw up the face – not tasty holodets?». There was only one – to one to remain houses. Fantastic New Year on eyes turned to a rather dirty puddle of the thawn hopes and not come true desires. Stas has found in itself forces to dress up a fur-tree, to warm up the pizza reserved in advance and, having poured itself of beer to edges to flop on a sofa in front of the TV.

In the TV behaved in a queer way, who in what is ready. Stas could not stop on one channel in any way and splashed by buttons of the panel with frequency two blows in a second. It turned out badly. Nasty. Have especially enraged him melteshenija on theme Mamma Mia from it ispohablennoj "Abboj". Stas couple of months back almost for the first time in a life has given in on advertising and has bought tickets for this «a shattering hit musical». Moreover and Dashku with itself has dragged, about what then terribly regretted. Similar rubbish he did not see and did not hear for a long time – diligently itself preserved. And here on you – has gone voluntary, moreover and with a pleasure anticipation, as a bull on a red rag. The effect was the same. All action Stas spitefully neighed on all hall in those places where others wiped tears, and hardly restrained not to begin to cry, when spectators started to laugh loudly amicably. Very much for Power it was insulting. And even it is terrible. That Russian person is capable so to humiliate the mind: To listen inutile, is worse amateur, texts to look very stupid, decided, history and to penetrate into mediocre game. That is capable to digest different rubbish if only it has been seasoned by the grandiose advertising company – that is, simply speaking, money. Stas has thought then, that is fine – Let it pass – Americans. Perhaps there somehow original music and texts most "Abby" rescued. But in an ugly and worthless translation into Russian, a song sounded as a laughing-stock over any healthy person on a head. As a laughing-stock over art in general.

Stas it is angry has switched off the TV. Only thoughts on that «where we slide» to it now did not suffice. Till midnight remains absolutely slightly. It would be desirable to be cleared of dust which against will has got stuck in a head. It would be desirable to write. Stas took a notebook and the handle, has switched on a garland on a fur-tree and villages directly on a floor. Stanzas have run on a paper shining by multi-coloured patches of light as equal, just here the ploughed furrows. It was good. There has then passed melancholy, the rage on all and everything then was gone, then the handle-harrow has faltered and has got stuck. The necessary words go more on mind. Stas has postponed a notebook — «tomorrow I will re-read». And the beginnings, from below upwards to consider a fur-tree. Flickering sparks, a silver beads, glass snowflakes, birdies, the deer covered with the shining dusting, the colour spheres painted manually of a toy. The grandfather Frosts, clowns, masks. Stas attentively examined each Christmas-tree decoration and smiled. In them the whole history – history not one generation of their family hid. Here these glass figures with dusting Stas itself has bought couple of days ago – wished to surprise the Dashu. This cosmonaut has appeared in their house together in the whole set of ornaments when the first-born — Stas was born . Only the cosmonaut also has escaped. All the others have turned for a long time to bright multi-coloured splinters, and, can, already and in a dust. The daddy has presented these spheres of manual job to mum when in grooms went. Then such luxury was a rarity and cost the big money – so daddy's chances have increased at once twice. And here this is Stas ljubovno has stroked pleasant rotundity of the big glass sphere – the grandfather has brought from Germany after war. Then all took away home, that could – who carpets, who sewing-machines. The grandfather too something useful to the grandmother has extracted and more – this here a fur-tree sphere. Glass from time has grown turbid a little, but it at all did not spoil a toy. On the contrary, gave to it of mysteriousness and charm. In a sphere there was a whole world which was blown from colour glass by the talented glass blower. Small house in German style of the sixteenth century, the trees covered with silvery hoarfrost, the snowdrifts shining at the threshold and around. And on a threshold there was charming chernenkaja a girl dressed in an Alsace suit. Tiny, it has been outlined to the smallest details. Look narrowly more attentively and you will see dark blue eyes, black resnichki, scarlet, shining a gentle smile, a mouth. A harmonous figure, attractive forms – all at it. Stas could not tear off from a toy of eyes – it noticed all new and new elements, saw the details not noticed till now. The girl was tenderness and caress – such warm and its sight was shining. And suddenly Stas, very much straining sight not to miss any, even the smallest, hyphens, has seen, that the seductress from a sphere has winked at it. It has rolled up a head. Has closed and has again opened eyes. The girl has gone down in the meantime from a threshold of the wonderful small house and has stretched to Stasu hands. Has not had time Stas to be frightened and think, that here it – eternity and rescue, a medicine for nonsense and loneliness as it has twirled, has twirled. With such force, that it could not already neither resist, nor think.

Parents with the younger brother and sister have arrived home the first in the evening. Have wearily become hollow in apartment – frosty, fresh, with a red flush on cheeks.

-Here after all the gawk, — has shaken a head mum, having come into a drawing room, — has left to walk, and a garland on a fur-tree to switch off has forgotten.  

(It is published in young girls porn show  9 (6109) on March, 7-13th, 2007)

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09.03.2007 16:14 Has noticed that at the publication have reduced the story a little. Mamma Mia the trite musical is the fact, but have decided to cut out politically correct this piece, having referred on the sizes of the publication in the newspaper. By the way, the newspaper fees now pay?
The anonymous author

09.03.2007 22:13 I do not think, that have got rid of a musical because of political correctness. Places it was valid a little:). And what a difference - reads now the full version on a site. About fees - no concept I have. On data (rudimentary) stage me it interests least.
Diana Mashkov

19.04.2007 11:27 End not clear!!!!!!

23.05.2007 02:53 There are no words

08.06.2007 09:02 anything

08.06.2007 15:40 Diana at you is your book?

12.06.2007 14:33 Dear Natalia,
The book now prepares in publishing house "Olma-press" - leaves in August. Since September will appear in book and Internet shop. From this, that is on a site in this collection "London" has entered only. Ostavlnye three stories - absolutely different love stories - were not published anywhere.
Thanks for your interest! Madly pleasantly.
By September on a site it will be obligatory the information, as where. Good luck!
Diana Mashkov

It was pleasant to 24.07.2007 18:21 Me, there is something. But the ending as well as in the Dead person is a little not clear (Vsmysle is clear, but it would be desirable more details therefore as the story goes-goes, and bats - the ending in "two lines") And as a whole is pleasant... Now still something I will read.
Dmitry Maksimov

19.11.2007 17:25 it completely agree with Dmitry Maksimovym)))


17.12.2007 13:34 all?

11.02.2008 14:29 Hello, Diana! At me probably a little unexpected question. I study at philological faculty and this your story have chosen for the creative task to examination. It would be desirable to learn about him more in detail. And why the story about death? It seemed to me the end for the hero in general it is positive, the girl from a sphere and is its present love which he searched. It seemed To me, it has simply moved in other world, the sphere world. But though for a family it was gone. Double the understanding of an ending turns out. Or at me incorrect representation?

27.02.2008 14:56 the Interesting story. ONLY I will agree with everything, it any not finished, or if to be expressed in another way, with not clear ending... What became with the boy? Where it has disappeared?... But, Diana Mashkov, thanks for your creativity.

11.03.2008 22:30 6uFYkE <a href = " /"> udsilkzothvd </a>, [url=] zsuzyxjtjkws [/url], [link=] sklazicbhvhm [/link],

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