Stories about love

Love. It is strange, that people say till now this word. It is strange, that it does not exhale stuffy and musty aroma of the sunk into oblivion centuries. Probably, its rescue that for everyone it – the.

About Love a cycle “La Debauche”. And about its absence too. About the person who not found it or has lost becomes what nonsense. That gets up from it today's, got confused and confused, the world. Ours with you ruthless, mad and callous time.

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Alexander Jakovleva's stories

D.V.: Alexander, passion to the literature at you since a birth or it has appeared  got, already at conscious age?

A.JA.: the birth moment, alas, I do not remember, whether and there was there a literature – and for a long time. But to read has learnt in three years and since then books around, books. They and an essence of my job in «the Literary Newspaper»: reviews, reviews …

D.V.: remember the first literary work? Tell briefly, what is it was.

A.JA.: a class in the fourth with the friend on a school desk instead of listening to wise instructors, wrote fantastic product – everyone by turns, under the offer. Thus everyone strove to drive the co-author in the corner. And that – too school: how to twist a plot.

D.V.: if I am not mistaken, you studied in Litinstitute. Something, in your opinion,
Students of this HIGH SCHOOL differed from other youth?

A.JA.: as the set in this HIGH SCHOOL is rather limited, and competition is very high, got there, naturally, felt itself, well … at least as the person who has seized Misters for a beard. But also the subsequent disappointments were felt very painfully.

D.V.: what trades in a life managed to be tried and mastered?

A.JA.: served in army, it was trained at four institutes, but has ended only Literary. As well as all students, worked as the yard keeper. The drifter, the loader. Last 20 years – journalism.

D.V.: it is possible to live your way today only writing? And in respect of spiritual sufficiency, sufficiency of experience and regarding the material?

A.JA.: now schitannye units of writers live on fees. But also these units, by and large, are not considered as "serious" writers. The commercial literature, custom-made – terms speak for themselves.

D.V.: you, as far as I know, get acquainted with many literary novelties. What today is a basis of success among readers?

A.JA.: if, besides, to speak about the commercial literature, here some the making: the theme, a genre and desire of publishing house to untwist a name to make its brand. And if to speak about the serious literature, that, still, has measured one – the abilities granted by the God.

D.V.: the modern world consider as "your time" or "you" has not come/already yet has passed? Why?

A.JA: I have still grasped Soviet time of writing and already then successfully enough built literary destiny. But also now I can not complain on neotsenennost. All times – ours.

D.V.: your stories open very touching, understanding, the relation to children. To the girl — gentle, touched; to the boy — on equal and
 Exacting, as to the future man. You have own children? Their this influence?

A.JA.: children are. The most younger – five months. And, they pass certainly, any experience to me. But I "felt" them and before became the father.

D.V.: about children — I should ask. In one of stories there is a terrible scene when kids palm off in a basket on the mushroom picker a frog which
Have preliminary torn off a skin. It "from a life" is taken or the imagination has prompted?

A.JA.: alas, from a life. To think out such I did not become.

D.V.: and last question. About women, certainly. From pages of your books different female images look at the reader: innocent, disinterested,
Ennobled, guilty, greedy, shitty... But never any charge, condemnation. It excuses everything because they are Women. If I am mistaken — correct. In your life too so?

A.JA.: yes. Children, women – they are interesting in all of them displays, for which image Uniform.

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31.03.2007 12:07 Alexander, in advance excuse for an immodest question. You consist in the Union of Writers of the Russian Federation? If - yes, what is this such all the same how there get and what it gives today body to the writer?
Paul Tikhonov

02.04.2007 18:43 it absolutely agree that women are interesting in all displays:) And in general as it seems to me, the more we will try to apprehend associates, and all world in general, "such what is", instead of to try to change it under our understanding "perfect" and "correct", the better.

05.04.2007 21:53 If the union of writers also remained, it or already absolutely body, or already an atavism.
The information on him can be found on
Apparently, since 2002 the site was not updated.
The anonymous author

18.04.2007 21:14 Dear Paul. Excuse, that long did not answer. I consist in the Union of the Russian writers. The Unions (and them a little) enter under the recommendation of regional branch of the corresponding union of writers. Membership practically gives nothing to the capital writer. An another matter - in regions. There to the writer the grant is put, release of books is guaranteed also any else blessings that is rather important for a province. Thanks for a question. Successes. Alexander Jakovlev
Alexander Jakovlev

11.03.2008 22:30 92wFsX <a href = " /"> oeymtfogwbly </a>, [url=] bgodkduuqvra [/url], [link=] wejcmgyejrnf [/link],

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