The new book «Plus a minus love»

In September there is Diana Mashkovoj's book — «Plus a minus love».

The new book «Plus a minus love» 

«Histories about the love, told by Diana Mashkovoj, carry away and surprise. And at times frankly bare before the reader a soul of the modern woman...»
Writer Jury Poljakov

Diana Mashkovoj's prose — about women, and where female history, there, of course, love. In this book the love is not easy and serene: it ruthlessly breaks segodnjashy the mad world.


The book included stories and to lead about Love:

  • Cyprus,
  • London,
  • The house under snow,
  • La Debauche.
Publishing house: Olma Media groups
Exit date: 2007
© Mashkova Irina Vladimirovna, 2007

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