20.02.2008 Continuation of the Novel

If you yet have not forgotten Yana and Artem - that in section "New" can read novel continuation. At last hands have reached laying out the next three heads (soon already and an outcome). Yes, by the way, my unique lawful spouse concerning the novel has told here that: "I wish to remain the unique person in the world who here it here will not read". It lips:). And if it is frank - there, as well as in creativity Apollinera, much is got mixed up on the truth, confused with fiction and is taken from a life. Therefore without comments.
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24.01.2008 Cycle "Dead person"

In section Stories about Death I have decided to lay out all before last product from a cycle "Mertverts". In general, itself I adore to read the short stories which have been got mixed up on the mystic. I like, when the inexplicable and strange gets into a daily life and overturns upside down representations of the person about a reality. Classics of a genre - Hoffmann, On and other izhe with them. If work in similar style - share reflexions on a theme. And it is possible and to send something ( with pleasure I esteem and we will think of "the mystical collection" on a site. If we will well turn out, will take care of its further destiny. Artists too welcome:).
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04.01.2008 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends! Clearly, that I was late a little, but better late than never:). As soon as has regained consciousness from alkogolno-food intoxication - and so at once and I congratulate. Good luck to us in New Year, happiness, love and correct reference points (not to confuse with orinetatsiej though also it too)! In sense, values, priorities, problems. That in the end of 2008, and in general, was an occasion itself to be proud and respect in itself of the person. From the big letter. And still - pleasures of life and sensual pleasures! Where to us without it, gedonistam? Only as it is all to combine, mind I will not put:). Well, we will try!
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13.12.2007 I Am corrected

I start to be corrected gradually - today on a site there should be a report across Luxembourg. There will be a continuation further. And more - I open in addition some stories in section "Stories about the Life", "Stories about Death". Read, leave responses. To me it will be pleasant:). By the way, such question. Ajusoljutno irrespectively my personal "potugov" from area. That does not suffice you in sovermennoj to the literature? In all plans - language of the author, a theme, a plot, influence, morals, heroes. I personally seriously have transfer of feelings. Any rubber all. Without a smell and colour. Well and worthy heroes. Something more and more zhivopisujut crushing ljudishek (itself, by the way, there). And it would be desirable someone clever, strong, kind, great. Or then it will be pure water a deceit?!
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06.12.2007 After holiday

"After holiday" is such special time when on you all falls and falls successively so, that for couple of days thoroughly you forget that you once had a rest in general. It I not in the justification, certainly. The word of honour, I try to execute the promised: photos and the story about a trip to Europe, but physically I am not in time. Last hope - the future days off. However, if to consider, that on Sunday to me to work: (... Good, on that they and complexities that with them to consult and each time becomes wiser, is more skilled and is stronger:).
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02.12.2007 Impressions

Travel on the occasion of Birthday and with a view of to be forgotten - Luxembourg - Strasbourg (France) - Baden-Baden (Germany) - has ended. It is ready to share impressions and photos on a theme - it is necessary to state only all in written form and to pick up the most successful images. So result wait tomorrow-the day after tomorrow. For now I can pootvechat on interesting questions: that there yes as in these Europe. And thanks all who has congratulated - on a site, by mail, by phone. Very much I appreciate your kind and sincere words! And if it is absolutely frank - not simply I appreciate - I live and I eat them.
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25.11.2007 Birthday

On November, 29th - on Thursday - me 30 years are executed. To tell the truth, each birthday of last years five calls melancholy and depressive reflexions on a theme "that is made", "where we slide" and "how further to live". Name answers the consolatory I can not. But the further, the I understand more distinctly, that my meaning of the life consists only in two things: to the Literature and Love. Know, there is in Jury Poljakova's novel "a Kid in milk" such phrase: "there is nothing more important the woman whom you like also books which you you write" (I ask to excuse if I quote not precisely). Completely I divide (with replacement of "woman" by "man", certainly:) Similar sight. And if to consider that fact, as on that, and on other front of business at me go not so, it becomes obvious, this most universal melancholy whence undertakes. Or... Or early while to surrender? Or we will do some fighting still? I do not know. But from the thirtieth anniversary with its gloomy thoughts I run very much! Therefore tomorrow I depart. From all. And first of all from itself. I will not celebrate, but it is absolutely exact - I will get drunk:). And after the arrival from me the detailed photo-verbal report on travel. So wait. Well and there will be a desire to wish happy birthday - here, in comments - keep in mind, I at all against:)!
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16.11.2007 Moscow suburbs

All! It is not believed, but I, apparently, have almost lived before holiday. In 22 with something I meet next the VIP and run from the airport. Such sensation, that last week lasted at least year. Horror! And tomorrow we go with a daughter to sanatorium situated near Moscow. So any Internet, phone, TV and other mucks. I - because do not want, and it - because in the educational purposes (has managed today to elicit and lose a new mobile phone:). Therefore - only the nature and full absence of thoughts - at least, very much would be desirable to believe in it! So write letters! To following days off I will return, yearned on dialogue, and I will answer all.
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11.11.2007 Job

During week-end, generally, it is accepted to have a rest. But at me it somehow badly turns out, especially recently. Today here too it was necessary to arrive, though terribly it would not be desirable to wake up, get out of a bed, well and so on - under the list. Good, I do not ache. I will soon go on leave on the whole two weeks, and phone I will throw out in a snowdrift (give the god that they - snowdrifts - have appeared by then). And we will consider today, that morning has passed knowingly: has met A.Rozenbaumom - very pleasant and positive person in dialogue; has once again talked to I.Kobzonom - it was besides convinced that if you wish to be successful, to stick it is necessary improbably and on any "stick in wheels" attention not to turn. And as a whole had possibility to behold our estradno-star elite in all daily-tour beauty. In details I will not press:). Good Sunday, friends! And me still see you in the evening to work: (. Support, whether that, morally:).
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08.11.2007 Winter

It seems, the Winter has come, judging by temperature behind a window. Interestingly only snow when will go? In general already very much it would be desirable: it is necessary, that all has around changed, became shining, white. That each season is a new life is personally joyful to believe me. The main thing to learn to vary together with the nature. And old itself to hide somewhere in subconsciousness hiding places, can, and it is useful still in due course. Anyway, let will lie down together with even more overage colleagues. Of all of them as-time taki also there is a human person. And the more is remembered and going to old itself, the the result more brightly and more interestingly will turn out.
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06.11.2007 December Relations

So relations name at the big age difference, years in twenty-thirty, for example. I personally concern similar steams with the big liking and curiosity (as, however, to everything, that lays outside of obyvatelstva) - with bread do not feed, allow to overhear or peep only as similar acquaintances happen and live. Especially pleases, if the woman is more senior (probably, heats I smother thought "eh, still we will do some fighting! :))". Well and so, one of these days I "overhear" behind the next little table in cafe as-time taki similar acquaintance. To the lady under fifty. To the boy - nice such, with krasivymy long hair, the truth, drunk in... - years twenty six. She indulgently and tenderly smiles. It on all hall bears any hren, is loud and braided language. She wants it. It, as can, pretends, that too and asks: "here tell to me about love!" . The devil only knows, than similar meetings - interestingly to horror come to an end, but will not go behind them to watch. For some reason, despite bribability and debauchery atmosphere, it would be desirable to believe in a birth of feelings...
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24.10.2007 Meetings

Thanks all who has come on a meeting in MDK New Arbat! It was very pleasant to see familiar faces - especially such interested and benevolent (the photo see:))! It is especially healthy, that was possible to communicate in informal conditions after - personally I have opened for myself new and improbably interesting sides, apparently, familiar people. The following meeting will pass in my native area - in the Moscow House of the Book "Orehovo" (Kashirsky highway, 88/26, a structure 2). On October, 26th (Friday) at 17:00. Come! With impatience I wait.
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10.10.2007 Bookshops

I continue studying of publishing business in practice: ((. It is necessary to tell, that in many shops very intelligent and knowing people work. At least, in difference from publishing house, they sincerely are interested in the book maintenance. It was especially pleasant to communicate with employees TDK "Moscow" - Tver, д.8 and MDK "New Arbat" - New Arbat - д.8. So I recommend! A lot of all interesting. The main thing - about my book do not forget, at the same time can also ardent to pass greetings! And on October, 19th at 18:00 I wait for you in the Moscow House of the Book on New Arbate д.8. There will pass presentation and a meeting with readers. Prepare tricky questions for the author! We will communicate!
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09.10.2007 Plane

Hundred years already did not fly anywhere. Very much it would be desirable to sit down in the plane, to disconnect phone and to enjoy miracle expectation. The most interesting, that the miracle as a result occurs - are transferred for pair hours per absolutely other world. I become crazy on this condition of an anticipation. I adore launches and plantings though fine I understand, what is it the most dangerous moments in flight. But I am not afraid absolutely. More likely already to find time and to depart somewhere. Only where?
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05.10.2007 Our children

Today at the airport has faced absolutely vile situation. On an extent neskolkiz minutes from a corridor continuous and hysterical children's crying reached. Such unfortunate and cracked - simply I smother blows up. Has gone on a voice. There is mummy, the child nestles on her feet (year ones and a half-two), and it shouts at it, beats on a head, pushes away. Certainly, I have got. Only also it was necessary for the kid that the pair of tender words yes vodichki to have a drink (thus that it continually othlebyvala from a bottle with mineral water, and to it did not give). I they be to bring up, and it repeats one: " He at me the fool, thinks nothing, the patient ". Thus, that absolutely normal child: reactions adequate, in toys is interested, at once has calmed down as soon as to it in a kind way etc. Well whence such rage on own children?! Why we turn to the sick, sincerely crippled society? With Day of the Teacher, by the way, all those who concerns by this day. Also I wish understanding a society and the state of what serious selection, what powerful motivation should accompany it otrinutoe nowadays estate. Results of neglect to them already it is available...
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